We are pleased to welcome Interim Pastor Ed Smith to our Ministry as we seek the Lords wisdom in choosing the right Permanent Pastor to serve here at Crossview Baptist Church in Concord, NC.
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     Feb 26-28, 2017

                   Jim Cival


Jim & Emi Civale –

Missionaries to Samoa Jim moved from New Jersey in the U.S. to the Samoan islands in 1989 as a final step before entering the seminary to join the Jesuit priesthood. That year he met Emi who was working with the Poor Sisters of Nazareth and was about to join the convent. In 1990, they abandoned their plans to become a priest and nun and were married instead. For the next six years Jim and Emi remained devout Roman Catholics, attending daily mass and having their four children baptized as infants. In 1996, Jim received Christ as Savior. Six months later Emi was saved. At that time they left the Catholic Church and joined Grace Baptist Church in American Samoa. Shortly after Jim and Emi were saved, baptized, and added to Grace Baptist Church, the missionary pastor of the church needed to leave the islands suddenly and the Lord led Jim to restart the church in his living room, renaming it Vai o le Ola (Living Waters) Baptist Church. From 1998 to 2009 the church grew from twelve to more than seventy members with their own building on their own land. Jim and Emi are currently working on their second church plant, Asau Baptist Church, which began in 2010 with six members and now has over two hundred saved, baptized, and added. While their main emphasis continues to be plating indigenous churches in the Samoan islands, they also operate a Christian School called ABC Academy which enrolls over 100 students from preschool to eighth grade. Jim and Emi have also invested much time and energy on the Samoan Bible Project which has allowed the Samoan people to receive the entire Word of God freely in their own language. They have also developed and distributed the first digitized Samoan Bible and research tools which are carried by Online Bible and ESword. These are available as computer programs for both PC and Apple computers and as iPhone and Android apps. Along with this, they have had Samoan New Testaments, Samoan John and Romans, and several tracts printed in the Samoan language. They are currently working on the first Samoan Baptist Hymnal, the first audio Bible, and the first concordance in the Samoan Language. They will be on furlough in the U.S from January to October of 2017.

Additional information is available at https://jimcivale.edifyhub.com/.